Add more nutrients to your breakfast

Add more nutrients to your breakfast

Supermarket store shelves are loaded with loads of breakfast cereals and all claiming essential health benefits. However for a normal person it is difficult to find out whether if the daily nutritional requirements are fulfilled or there is still a nutritional gap. Those smiling and satisfied faces on TV taking the cereal and loosing few kg of their weight can be misleading. How do you know if your nutritional status is balanced by eating what you eat? Make records of what you are eating and how the quantities are shared along with family members. Then log on to and generate your nutritional status to know which of the nutrients your body is not able to get properly. If your diet kundali indicates that your calcium and protein intake through the diet is lower than the recommended daily allowance, it is best to add milk in your breakfast as milk and a protein powder that rich in protein and calcium. If your diet kundali indicates you are deficient in fiber, you can add cereals or a food supplement in your diet that is rich in fiber. The mail benefit of diet kundali is you can generate your diet kundali for your entire family. So you will come to know if your other family members also need nutritional attention. You can consult our dietitian in Mumbai online who can help you design your breakfast recipes and dinner recipes that will help you fulfill nutritional gap. Then you can head to a grocery shop with a cereal shopping plan. Don’t bother if the cereals are organic or not. However read the ingredient lists or the nutritional information carefully. Diet kundali recommends you to focus on for the following pointers of good nutrition.

Whole grains

Always add whole grains to your breakfast recipes, white bread is not a good nutritional choice. This is the reason why they are cheap than brown bread. This is reason why most restaurants on highway uses refined floor (maida) for making rotis. Add cereals made of whole wheat in your breakfast or brown rice. Whole grains are rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals. The carbohydrates in whole grains take to time to absorb in the blood thus allowing effective utilization of insulin. On the other hand many cereals that made of refined grains may be able to cause blood sugar to spike.


Fiber is the only carbohydrate that is not absorbed in the body and that’s why is important for good health. Fiber helps reduce cholesterol and helps control blood sugar. Addition of fiber in your diet helps reduce the risk of obesity diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The recommended daily allowance of dietary fiber for women is 25 to 30 grams per day, and for men is 35 to 40. 3 medium size whole wheat chapatis or 4 portions brown bread should typically give you 8 to 10 gm of dietary fiber.

Low sugar

Now a day many of us are adding jam to bread and sugar to milk + corn flakes in our breakfast. Even few people are adding sugar to fresh juices. Try to take a sugar free breakfast. Our cereals have adequate simple sugar required for our body. Stay away from sugary drinks, canned juices and jams. Read nutritional fasts carefully before selecting your breakfast.

Low sodium

High Sodium is responsible for high blood pressure. Unfortunately many cereals have high sodium content. We add salt to our vegetables. Limit your intake of potato fries, chips, salted butter, cheese and other salted items. Add salt into the vegetable after you take out pan out of gas burner.

Low calories

It is wise to limit your calories intake at the start of day. This put a stepping stone for a healthy weight loss also. Opt for assorted fruits in the breakfast. A fruit has very low carbs and calories. Limit your serving size of fried items such as vada, paratha or potato wages or butter.

Sprouts, maize (corn) and maize products are low in calories and are best suited for low calories breakfast recipes.

However many of us are living a fast lifestyle such as late working hours, morning rush and skipping breakfast etc. People often eat whatever is radially available or can be instantly made. Few examples are bread butter, Maggie are next to staples today. People also skip breakfast as a part of weight loss plan. In such cases monitoring our nutritional status becomes very difficult. For such people, it is advised to take an organic plant based multi-vitamin and multi- mineral supplement to complete their minimum requirements of essential nutrients our body needs.

However, skipping breakfast is a bad choice!

Morning breakfast reduces risk for obesity, diabetes and blood pressure.
You almost certainly have heard on the health shows that breakfast is the best meal of your day. Many people especially those who sleep late in the night or wake up late have to rush to office end up in skipping their breakfast in order to keep pace with running time. But skipping breakfast may lead to a number of other problems, right from lack of energy, weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes. Following Studies have shown the significance of eating breakfast in order to reduce the risk for chronic disease and maintaining weight loss.
* Women who take skip their breakfast or are irregular at taking it, increases their risk of diabetes by 28% as compared to women who take breakfast daily.
* People, who add whole grain cereals in their breakfast, significantly reduce their risk of getting diabetes.
* A compared to those who skip breakfast 3 to 4 times a week or more, the rate of diabetes, belly fat, obesity and hypertension is less in the people who take breakfast daily.
* Overweight and obese people are more likely to have skipped their breakfast which is the main reason for 15 kg or more of weight gain.

For more information please visit here : Breakfast recipes


RECIPE #1 — Chia Breakfast Pudding
This is a very filling, delicious, and lean breakfast option! It’s packed with fiber, omega 3s, and healthy carbs. A great option if you like cold breakfasts and pudding (think tapioca pudding)
-I used 3 Tbsp of the Qia Breakfast Cereal for this, which you can buy at Whole Foods in the cereal isle.
-You can also just use 3 Tbsp chia seeds! Adding hemp seeds and buckwheat groats are optional, but make it an even more filling and delicious snack
-Also add any fruit or additional spices like cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg etc.
-Cover with almond milk or lite coconut milk
-Allow the mixture to soak for at least 10 minutes or even overnight.

RECIPE #2 — Quinoa Yogurt Parfait
-1/2 cup fat free or 2% greek yogurt
-1/4 cup cooked (but cooled off) quinoa. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always rinse your quinoa really well!!!
-Fruit of choice
-Nuts and/or Goji Berries if you’d like
-Lemon Zest and Orange Zest
-Dash of Stevia
-Splash of Lite Coconut Milk (make sure your coconut milk is unsweetened!)
-Shake it or leave it layered, and store in the fridge or eat right away

RECIPE #3 –French Toast Sticks
-2 Slices Food for Life Brown Rice Bread cut into sticks
-1 Whole egg and splash of egg whites whisked
-1 tsp Vanilla Extract and Cinnamon
-Splash of coconut milk
Soak the bread into the egg mixture. Lightly spray a pan with coconut oil, and cook the sticks until golden brown on each side (approx 30 seconds each side).
Top french toast sticks with coconut nectar or raw honey, and serve with fruit of your choice.

RECIPE #4 — Omelet
-1 Egg and 1/2 cup egg whites whisked very well
-Add a splash of water and whisk again
-Season to your liking with salt and pepper and any other spices you prefer
-Use coconut oil in an omelet pan to prevent sticking
-Sautee the omelet mixture on a very high heat, moving the mixture quickly to ensure an evenly cooked omelet. Flip omelet onto a plate, folding it onto itself.
-In a separate pan, sauté vegetables of your choice. I choose tomatoes, green onions and spinach today.
-Cut a slit into your omelet, and stuff it with your veggies.

RECIPE #5 — Tropical Hemp Smoothie
-4 oz. Lite Coconut Milk
-2 oz. Home made or store bought almond milk (unsweetened)
-Handful of frozen pineapples
-1/2 an orange
-Orange zest
-2 Tbsp hemp protein powder
-Handful of spinach
Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth and enjoy!

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