11 Celebs You Didn’t Know Dye Their Hair! (Dirty Laundry)

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We’re taking a look at some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood that you may not know dye their natural hair colors. Some may shock you — here on Dirty Laundry!

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Discover Top Secret Restaurant Recipes

Discover Top Secret Restaurant Recipes

If you are like me, then you love going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dish. However, have you thought about cooking these top secret restaurant recipes yourself? Being able to cook these yourself would allow you to cook it anytime you want without having to leave your house.

Learning how to cook top secret recipes is not really that difficult. Some think that you need a culinary arts degree or cooking education to be able to cook these top secret recipes. I hate to tell you this but anyone can gather the ingredients themselves and cook themselves a fancy meal that tastes just like the real thing.

Wait, do top secret restaurant recipes actually taste like the real thing? I’ve heard some people say that cooking these top secret recipes at home were BETTER than eating it at the restaurant!

Having access to famous restaurant recipes allows you to be able to add your ingredients and flavors to dish. Some people like to take the original and add their own herbs and spices to give it that extra click of flavor explosion. Constant practice and experimentation will make cooking famous restaurant recipes at home fun and easy.

Cooking top secret restaurant recipes will also make your friends and family wondering where you learned to cook so well. Imagine being able to cook an entire meal that looks like it was takeout food from the restaurant. I bet some of your friends won’t even believe that you cooked it!

Some famous restaurant recipes may have a long list of ingredients that will make cooking to be rather difficult. Now I know that some dishes may look rather intimiating, but just going out there and gathering the materials isn’t that difficult of a job. Try cooking one new meal per week to experiment. You’ll probably find it gets easier and easier as you do it.

But how do I get these top secret restaurant recipes? There are some books that do have copycat recipes from restaurants. One book that has an excellent list of popular restaurants and popular dishes is America’s Most Wanted Recipes.

In America’s Most Wanted Recipes, there are over 700 famous restaurant recipes at your disposal. You can start with really simple recipes like McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets or complicated recipes like Olive Garden’s Lasagna recipe. I highly recommend this book for beginners to advanced chefs.

Looking for juicy top secret restaurant recipes and amazing flavors? Learn where to get exclusive secret restaurant recipes to cook for your friends and family.

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Red Raider Marching Band, Pulaski H.S. ~ Wisconsin

Red Raider Marching Band, Pulaski H.S. ~ Wisconsin

Check out these Outdoor Activities images:

Red Raider Marching Band, Pulaski H.S. ~ Wisconsin

Image by Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view
Rose Parade 2017
Pasadena, California

A Gorgeous Day

Image by IceNineJon
We sure had great weather that day. The view from the top of the Misery Ridge Trail at Smith Rock State Park was magnificent!

I first met my girlfriend Michelle two years ago at a close friend’s wedding (we were both in the wedding party on Sara, the bride’s side). The wedding took place at Sara’s family’s ranch in Sisters, Oregon. In July 2010, Michelle and I traveled back to Sisters, Oregon for the 4th of July weekend to celebrate the birthdays of those of us who are turning 30 this year (that will be me in November).

Sisters is an amazing place with spectacular scenery and outdoor activities. The town is named after the Three Sisters mountains which are named Faith, Hope, and Charity although there are many other mountain tops visible from the town including Mount Bachelor and Mount Washington.

Interior Design — How To Transform A Room With Drapes

Window coverings can make or break a room, but they’re also easy to update! H&H’s Reiko Caron shows how she used readymade Walmart hometrends™ drapes to give one room three very different looks.

Style and function are equally important when it comes to curtains. Here, Reiko starts with blue black-out drapes with a subtle geometric print — ideal for a TV room or bedroom. For linen-look curtains with a damask print, Reiko added drama and volume by doubling up the panels on both sides of the window. Then, she used a bold ikat print drapes to offer privacy but still let the light in. Grommet-top and rod pocket drapes each offer a unique style. A versatile black curtain rod and finial set works with all three color palettes. See more drapes and vote for your favourite hometrends™ find for a chance to win a ,000 Walmart gift card at https://houseandhome.com/hometrends

Presented by Walmart.
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Natural Remedies For Pets – Taking Care Of Your Pets the Natural Way

Natural Remedies For Pets – Taking Care Of Your Pets the Natural Way

by Ref54

Natural and herbal remedies are not just beneficial for people. You can also find natural remedies for pets that are readily available for them. This will help you maintain disease-free and healthy pets by strengthening their immune system as well.

If you are a pet lover, for sure you are concerned about the total health of your pets. Having a healthy pet is your responsibility, and it also shows how you are as a pet owner. If you have a sickly pet, for sure, it would reflect as to how you take care of them.

Taking care of your pets does not have to be costly though. Natural remedies for pets can be low-cost and for as long as you give time to your pets and make sure they are well taken cared of, you don’t have to shell out cash. In fact, if you start to take care of your pets the holistic way, you would save a lot in sending them to vets for treatment. Being able to adopt natural and holistic pet care can also help you protect not only your pet’s health but also your family’s health too.

However, if you intend to adopt some natural remedies for pets, you have to be well-informed as to how to use them and what they are for. This will help you give the right remedy for a specific problem. Although natural remedies for pets are generally safe, you have to be careful as well in treating and administering them to your pets.

Making use of herbal remedies for example may involve risks, for some animals can also develop allergic reactions to some herbs or natural oils. Research is essential too, even if you are using natural products and cures. It can also help to find expert advice from alternative vets who promote natural remedies for pets and holistic care.

Some of the natural remedies you can do for your pet is to brush their teeth regularly if they develop a foul breath. It would also help give them raw carrots. As much as humans need exercise to have a healthy body, your pets also need exercise to help them maintain good health. Walking your dogs for example can help prevent flatulence. This will also help prevent arthritis in your dogs, although you have to keep them away from very cold temperatures too if you want to avoid them catching arthritis. It would also help to make them lose weight if they are too heavy to prevent joint problems and other problems brought about by being overweight.

Itchy skin of your pets is commonly caused by ticks or fleas. Take time to pullout ticks in your pets. Combing and grooming them regularly can also get rid of ticks and fleas and maintain soft fur. You can give them a cold bath for about 10 minutes or so to relieve them from itchy skin.

For urinary infections, which is common to pets, cranberry juice or orange juice are said to be an effective cure.

In any natural remedies for pets you intend to use, it would be wise to seek expert advice on how to use them so that you will be guided step-by-step and you can be sure that you are not doing any harm to your pets.

Carolyn Anderson is a pet lover. For 1,000 natural solutions and remedies to healing your pet, check out this pet health manual. Also check out Dog Food Secrets, where you can find effective tips on what you should feed your dog.

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