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Parenting Tips and Ideas Intellectual Disability A4

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French Parents Don't Give In: 100 parenting tips from Paris by Pamela Druckerman
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Nice Home Cleaning photos

Nice Home Cleaning photos

A few nice Home Cleaning images I found:

I got a new camera

Image by NickNguyen
Well, not really. an old camera. I drove by a yard sale and saw they had a sign that said pro photo equipment. Seeing this A2 was a really cheap affordable price, I inspected it to see lots of dust and grease, overall I brought it home, cleaned it and it looks nearly new. Very good conditioned in fact, I tested it and it seems to work fine and really well. I bought it as body only.

I really wanted an EOS 3 with it’s 45 point autofocus, however that was a ton more than this camera, this will have to do for my film class next year.

Strobist info: 430ex with a shoot through umbrella to the right, 580EXII on camera to master trigger with 1/8 power aiming to the left.


Image by University of Derby (Teaching & Learning)
Carsington Wind Farm, situated north of Carsington and west of Wirksworth, is expected to generate enough clean electricity to power over 4,400 homes. clean electricity to power over 4; situated north of Carsington and west of Wirksworth

25L Travelling Cycling Hiking Backpack for Outdoor Activities Male and Female AU

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Busy Travelling (Red Fox activity books), Jones, Joan, Used; Good Book
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Home Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house may seem like a very huge and daunting task that you dread to even think about. But the truth is, this is something that you need to take responsibility for. Your home is one of your very few places of refuge and it will only be right that you keep it safe, clean and comfortable for you and the rest of your family. So if you need a little hand, you have come to the right place. Read on some more and get great and simple home cleaning tips that you can easily follow today.


Some people end up putting off house cleaning until later simply because they do not have the slightest idea on where to start. So first things first: decide and choose what items must go and what must stay. This is a necessary step for those who have piled up a whole lot of stuff and junk through the years. De-cluttering your house will instantly give it a different vibe and of course, more space. Make a separate space for items that you want to keep, throw away, give out or sell. Remember: try to recycle things as much as you can to reduce waste. However, do not hold on to items that you won’t end up using. Bless others by giving them away instead.

Use Organic and Natural House Cleaning Products

The regular house cleaning products are said to be one of the major causes of water pollution. So if you want to play your part, turn to the more organic and natural products instead. There are now plenty of all-natural and non-toxic products available out in stores today so you will never have a hard time looking for a good brand. You can also makehome cleaning an exercise. Instead of using the vacuum cleaner, sweep your house manually to save up on electricity.

Clean as you go

One of the best cleaning tips is to clean as you go. Cleaning as you go can help you reduce the amount of accumulated dirt and grime in your room. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to sweep the floor, wipe the dust and tidy things up. This can make a huge difference in your room and will make your general home cleaning sessions much easier and less tedious.

Change the sheets at least once in a month

Your sheets and pillows are the most common places where dust, grime and even bacteria accumulate. So to avoid this, make sure that you wash you sheets, your pillow cases and even your curtains once or twice in a month. This will keep your home dust and allergen free at all times. Use hot or warm water during washing.

Remember, the real secret to a clean home is simple and this is a regular cleaning habit. The more you delay the cleaning, the larger and the more tedious the task will turn out to be. So always plan ahead. Make sure that you give yourself time off to clean the entire house and of course, to rest and relax after the tiring activity. So remember to always keep these home cleaning tips in mind.

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