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A few nice Recipes images I found:

Image by telepathicparanoia
sorry to keep posting salsas, but I keep altering the recipe a bit. saute garlic and onion in olive oil, add chopped tomatilllos (about 30 small ones in this batch), half a chopped tomato, and half a chopped and seeded bulgarian carrot pepper. cook down, adding water or stock as needed. finish with lemon juice, cilantro, and salt. mash with a potato masher or immersion blender to taste.

green smoothie (Vitamix)
Image by vigilant20 (דָרוּך)
A quart of green smoothie goodness to kick off another week of eating healthy and light for weight loss. Do you drink green smoothies? I’ve love to hear your favorites.

This is my usual: 1 part fruit juice, one part frozen fruit, one part greens (kale or spinach depending on the season)

Garlic and Galangal Beef Tips and Mashed Potatoes with Sesame Kale
Image by lyricsboy
Based largely on Beckzilla‘s Garlic Mashed Potatoes topped with Sesame Kale, I made this for dinner tonight. Here’s how:

While boiling the diced potato, I sautéed the kale in olive oil and sesame oil. Once the kale had mostly finished cooking, I added soy sauce and one clove of garlic and stirred those for a few seconds more. This was then removed to the plate, for future eating.

I then drained the potatoes and added a bit more olive oil to the wok with equal parts minced garlic and galangal, stir frying those until fragrant. Then came the beef tips which were sautéed until cooked through. I removed those to the plate with tongs, leaving the seasoning and juice in the wok for the potatoes.

Then the potatoes were stir-fried a bit and mixed with the spices and juice in the wok. Once they had soaked up everything, I put them in a bowl and added enough milk to make them have a nice consistency as I mashed them coarsely with the back of a slotted spoon.

After I put the potatoes on the plate, I took the picture you see here! So easy! I would say the start-to-finish cooking time was no more than 45 minutes, so pretty quick too!

Lessons Learned:

The kale acted like a sponge for flavor with all of its wrinkles. I would probably use a little less soy sauce if I were preparing this again.

Galangal (an Indonesian native of the ginger family, also known as Laos in Indonesia and Ka in Thailand) looks like a large and lightly colored ginger, with similar texture. The flavor, however, is more delicate and less spicy than its cousin. It made the potatoes have a very nice subtle flavor.

Altogether, the overly-seasoned kale blended well with the beef, which I didn’t use much flavoring on. I believe I also swirled the potatoes into the kale’s leftover juice toward the end.