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These pretty little Meringue Kisses or Meringue Cookies will make the perfect guest gifts for your next function and are the cutest cake and cupcake toppers.

INGREDIENTS: Makes 60-70 Kisses

150g Fresh or Carton Egg Whites (OR 4 Large Egg Whites)
300g Caster Sugar
Americolor Sky Blue Gel Colour

NB: The general rule of thumb is to use double the amount of sugar than egg white by weight so you can easily scale the recipe up or down.


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Toblerone chocolate bars are not just for airports! Here Barry Lewis shows you how to make a quick & tasty toblerone chocolate mousse recipe that you can chuck together in no time!
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Tobelerone chocolate bars have a honey and almond vibe running through them and we try to take inspiration from that in this recipe. Making a chocolate ganache mousse and mixing through bashed toblerone pieces with honey and cream, it’s naughty… go for a run and then share this recipe with someone! The full steps you need are in the link below.

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