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Evesham Vale Light Railway – Evesham Country Park – Twyford Station – Severn Lamb 0-6-0STT Dougal

Image by ell brown
We were heading to Bourton-on-the-Water, so didn’t expect a 2 and a half hour stay at Evesham Country Park!

There is a light railway at Evesham Country Park – the Evesham Vale Light Railway.

The Evesham Vale Light Railway operates in Evesham Country Park in Worcestershire, England, where it opened in August 2002. Constructed at 15 in (381 mm) gauge, the line runs for over a mile through the park, including a lengthy section through the fruit orchards. Passengers are conveyed throughout the year, although operations tend to be limited to weekends during school term time, becoming a daily service during school holidays.

Trains run from Twyford Station, opposite the country park’s main Car Park. The run takes around 10–15 minutes, through the Apple Orchard and around the Balloon Loop to Evesham Vale Station. Here, there is a few minutes break. Passengers can either break their journey here and enjoy a picnic or country walk (returning on a later train), or simply get out for a look at the locomotive. The EVLR staff are always on hand to answer questions. The train then carries on, out of the Balloon Loop, upgrade towards Twyford Station. The locomotive is then turned and run round ready for the next departure.

Severn Lamb 0-6-0STT Dougal

Tuesday, 22nd July 2014 School holidays IMG_0312

Image by tomylees
22nd July 1973, Rufus Wainwright born, Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright.
Week 30. 203-162.
Tuesday, 22nd July 2014, Middlesex.

School Holiday Activities Melbourne Museum – Children’s Gallery

Image by planningqueen