Andy’s Dinosaurs Amazing Adventures 140 stickers Learning Activities

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Andy's Dinosaurs Amazing Adventures 140 stickers Learning Activities
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Vegan Lunch Recipes 30 Amazing Plant Based Recipes for Vegan Diet That Taste Del

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DIY | 3 Amazing Popsicle Stick Crafts

You won’t believe these popsicle stick transformations and there’s something for kids of all ages and mom too, I LOVE my bracelet! Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-F

Popsicle Stick Bracelets
• craft sticks
• washi tape

1. Boil craft sticks for 15 minutes on high. Once they’re done they should be flexible.
2. Gently bend your stick into a semi-circle. Place inside a round glass to dry overnight.
3. Remove popsicle sticks from the jar, and you should have perfect semi-circle.
4. Decorate with single strip of your favorite washi tape. You can also wrap them in yarn or ribbon.

Toy Airplanes
• craft sticks
• clothespins
• hot glue
• acrylic paint (optional)

1. Paint your sticks and clothespins with acrylic paint. You can also leave plain.
2. Start with clothespins as the body of the plane.
3. With glue attach two large craft sticks to the clothespin for the wings.
4. Attach small craft stick on the end of the clothespin for the tail.
5. Attach small craft stick on the front of the plane for a propeller. Option to punch a hole in the stick, and attach with a garbage bag tie so it actually spins.

Popsicle Stick Puzzles
• craft sticks
• preferred image (photo, drawing, etc.)
• masking tape
• spray adhesive
• exacto knife

1. Line up your sticks next to your image so you know how many you’ll need.
2. Secure your sticks with a piece of masking tape.
3. Flip it over and place it on top of a surface that’s safe to cut on.
4. Attach image to the sticks using the spray adhesive.
5. Once image is secure, flip over your craft sticks and gently peel away the tape.
6. Use exacto knife and gently slice between each stick.

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10 Amazing Parenting Hacks

10 Amazing Parenting Hacks

Sometimes it’s the little things that make parenting so much easier.


“SuckerFree” by Hpnotic718


A. Gonzalez

L. Gonzalez

J. Amurrio


Linen on Clothesline Mueller

Baby in Hammock hammock/

Derived with love from:
36-little-hacks-that-will-make-parenting-so-much-easier by Peggy Wang
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Good Parenting

Ten years after the events of the Dylan movies, Dylan and Emily McCarthy, now a married couple, are ecstatic as they embark upon the opportunity to attend a parenting seminar for soon-to-be parents. However, things change drastically once the instructor reveals himself.

Written and Directed by Brandon Cole
Music by Kevin Macleod

Warning: Contains scenes of violence and crude humor


BrandaBob Productions 2016
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Gift Amazing Christmas Crafts to Your Friends

Gift Amazing Christmas Crafts to Your Friends

Festivals are the great time for having some fun and enjoyment. Christmas involves best food &wine, party mood, surprise gifts and parties etc. other than these there is one more thing that makes the Christmas festival even more joyous for you. It is the Christmas crafts that are often used to decorate your home during the festival.Christmas crafts are the beautiful things made up of various materials are used to decorate your home and place at the time of the Christmas festival. Some of the well known and famous crafts are easily available in the market.

You can buy them and create an amazing festive ambiance at home. However, shopkeepers during the festive season raise their price. Thus, it is not easy for everyone to buy the Christmas crafts. The best part of these crafts is that you can make them at home only. Prepare your own designer Christmas crafts at home. Some of the well known crafts related to the festival of Christmas are easy to make such as Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas Angel, snowman, candies, bird and other artistic crafts can also be prepared at your home. You can make these crafts and decorate them all in the house.

This will create whole Christmas ambiance at your home and will please all the guest and relatives who arrive during the festival. Making Christmas crafts is one of the most joyous and the fun full work. It will make you feel happy as you are involved in some festival related work. Also, that the crafts you will make are to be decorated at your home only that will make your place look more beautiful. Every festival involves some or the other things that are decorated at your home just to give it festive feel and make it look amazing.

Similarly, Christmas crafts are the important part of the Christmas festival. You can make crafts for your home and tree as well. Try out some of the fabulous ideas of making crafts at home. Utilize the creativity in you and make the best crafts to decorate your house. You can also learn making these crafts at the special classes or through internet. And the easiest way is just buy some alluring crafts from market to celebrate this Christmas at its best.

Though you can purchase beautiful crafts at an ease from the market but making them with your hands gives you the anticipation feel that make your Christmas celebration even more special. If you don’t want to make the difficult crafts at home buy them from market and make the simpler one’s at home.

This article is written by Julliet Wills about on beautiful Christmas Crafts. For more beautiful & unique Christmas crafts Other than Christmas crafts, decorate your house with the lights in and out of the house. Bring a Christmas tree at home and make ornaments for it at home only. Also, you can light candles at home at the same day to give it complete Christmas look.

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How to Make Amazing Crafts with Kids

How to Make Amazing Crafts with Kids

There are countless reasons why it is a great idea to do arts and crafts with your kids. For one, working on arts & crafts helps to hone children’s creativity.

Arts and crafts can also help promote teamwork and sharing, as well as offering the perfect opportunity to bond and find new common interests. Arts and crafts also allow kids to openly express themselves, even at very young ages. Nonetheless, despite all these positives, the best reason for getting your kids involved in arts and crafts is that it is fun!

If you are panicking that you will not know how to guide your child through their first craft, there is no need to worry; there are plenty of arts and crafts ideas for all ages from pre-schoolers up through teenage artists.

Best practices for doing arts & crafts with kids

1. Don’t ask ‘What is it?’ when you are befuddled as to the identity of your kids final creation. Just ask your kid to tell you more about their art or craft, and let them explain how they see their creation.

2. There will be a mess. There is nothing you can do about it. As soon as you make that realization, the whole experience will be far more enjoyable. Indeed, sometimes it is even important to make a mess. Take that knowledge to plan ahead. Get a large clear workspace for your kids, and give them the opportunity to be creative without having to worry about getting paint on your new Persian rug

2. Making arts and crafts is supposed to be about using your imagination. For this reason, try not to show your kids a completed craft as an example. Instead, let your kids learn to interpret the instructions as they wish in order to truly be creative. This will also give your kids a good lesson on the best ways to follow and adapt instructions.

4. Making arts and crafts requires a lot of focus. For this reason, it is best to get your kids to calm down a bit before placing them in front of glue and scissors.

Basic supplies for making arts & crafts with kids

Just like your kitchen pantry, a kid’s craft drawer should have a few staples. While you may need something more specific for special crafts, for the most part you will be able to get by with the following list: kid-friendly paint, scissors, crayons, etc. It
s also a good idea to keep a drawer stocked with construction paper, beads, glitter, paint brushes, glue sticks, and the ever popular ‘wiggly eyes’.

The education benefit of arts & crafts

Arts and crafts can be used to apply hands-on learning to any subject. Using crafts this way helps kids think more in-depth about the subject of their artwork or craft projects. Virtually any subject matter can be taught using arts & crafts with a little creativity. For instance, if you are learning about world geography, you could have the kids make a tissue paper globe.

Learn about holidays, history, and any other topic your kids should study. Even math can be enriched through arts and crafts. Remember that school isn’t the only place kids should be learning; your kids will be much more willing and excited to learn if you make learning fun with interactive arts and crafts projects.

Some ideas for kids arts & crafts

Kids arts and crafts can be quick and simple to keep the attention of on-the-go toddlers. They can also be sophisticated and complex for older kids who are up to a challenge. To get an idea of the scope of arts and crafts projects out there, take a trip to your local arts and crafts store or teachers supply shop. These stores will have pre-designed craft kits, including jewelry art, painting kits, and other craft ideas. Each kit will come with instructions and all of the materials you require.

Another good idea, once you have gained some experience, is to walk arts and craft stores to shop for kids art ideas. Here are some ideas: try straw painting, where kids can create arts and crafts by blowing paint through a straw onto a poster board or construction paper; or let your kids dip marbles in paint and roll them across the painting surface for a messy (but fun!) painting project.

If you are looking for something a bit less messy then try pipe cleaner art. This is a great craft because kids of all ages can join in. Young children can use their imaginations to create simple objects out of pipe cleaners. Older kids may enjoy incorporating other supplies such as beads into pipe cleaner art.

Steve Dolan loves arts and crafts and has been creating amazing projects for kids and families for years. See his exciting new ideas at Arts and Crafts with Kids, and be sure to visit Arts and Crafts for more fun projects !

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