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Great Camping Recipes That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds

Great Camping Recipes That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds

by hugovk

Do you find it somewhat dampening when you’re planning a camping trip and your thoughts drift off to outdoor mealtimes? Are you tired of the same old hotdogs and eggs for breakfast, roasted meat and common meals for lunch and dinner? Have you just realized that you’ve tried every variation you can do for these choices and yet eating time still seems to evoke more groans than expressions of excitement? Well then, it seems that what you lack is a good stack of recipes.

Maybe you’ve said to yourself that you can’t do much in the outdoors and that the simple dishes that you can do can only taste simply good. But, mind you, simple shouldn’t be equaled to tasteless. As a matter of fact, many recipe books are made especially for outdoor lovers containing easy but amazing menus that will make each mealtime feel extraordinary. Let’s discuss breakfast first.

Sure, hotdogs, eggs and pancakes are classics, but a few additions to your menu can change a lot in your perspective when it comes to being in the outdoors. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So start your day right with the best camping breakfast recipe books. Authors such as Robin Donovan, Christine and Tim Conners, Brenda Kulibert, Marilyn Abraham, Sarah McGregor and cooking experts from the National Museum of Forest Service History can show you how each morning meal can be exciting to wake up to with their simple and comprehensive guides and recipes.

As for the other parts of the day, the authors also have quite a number of recipes for lunch and dinner fit for a holiday-get together outdoors. So even though hamburgers are quite tasty, you can add more to your enjoyment by whipping up some great lunch and dinner dishes – even snacks!

If you like cooking with a Dutch oven at camp because of its simplicity and convenience, you can get source for Dutch oven recipes. Look for works done by Woody Woodruffs and other Woodruffs, Marla Rawlings, John Ragsdale, Vernon Winterton and Lodge which offer great examples. They are easy and they include information like the number of coals to use for every recipe. Now, you don’t have guess when it comes to camp cooking!

Finally, top your meals with the best camping desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth in you. Take your pick among different flavors of freeze dried ice cream and fruits from Astronaut and AlpineAire. Now there are more reasons for you to get excited about the outdoors.

Find here Mark Knowles’ greatest choices of camping recipes for breakfast and also his best Dutch oven recipes that will make your camp eating an exciting outdoor experience.

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