Cool Breakfast Recipes images

Cool Breakfast Recipes images

Some cool Breakfast Recipes images:


Image by A Life in Balance

Food project 44 – Kiwi, pear and apple breakfast

Image by dimitridf
44th instalment in the Food project series

For yesterday’s breakfast, I prepare a fruit salad, a tasty Balkan yogurt, a great herbal tea and an orange juice. The fruit salad consisted of diced kiwi, apple and pear. The yogurt had thick Balkan style yogurt, with granola, raisins and Turkish dried apricot. The herbal tea was just fresh cut mint leaves with some lime juice.

My Food Project Series
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Completely Cran-tastic

Image by yummysmellsca
Muffins with cranberry juice, cranberry sauce AND dried cranberries? I’m in! It turned out to be a low-fat, high fibre breakfast on the go with the benefit of a ton of antioxidants (including some Omegas!) for good measure.