Cool Dinner Recipes images

Cool Dinner Recipes images

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37 – Mit Mozzarella bestreuen / Cover with mozzarella

Image by JaBB
[Rezept / Recipe]

10 – Zutat Tabasco

Image by JaBB
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Chicken Tomato Curry

Image by Kristin Brenemen
A slightly experimental curry night, though it’s a variation of what we usually do.

I lightly pan fried some bite sized chicken bits with flour heavily seasoned with cinnamon and a bit of salt and pepper.

Then I prepared the curry in the pan with a large can of whole tomatoes (sliced), a generous spoonful or two of ginger garlic paste, a couple of spoonfuls of vinadloo paste, and then I just sorta tossed a bit of garam marsala, corriander/cumin blend, and black pepper. I cut it with water and let it simmer until it was thicker, then tossed in asparagus stem bits (leftover from the other night when I cooked asparagus), two chopped up carrots, and then tossed in the chicken again right before it was served.

Served over rice. Mmm.

This is the leftovers – we make pseudo bentos in tupperware type sandwich containers.

Cool Parenting images

Cool Parenting images

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Image by Jeffrey
Immediately after putting our little dog Emile gently to his final sleep, I attended an ice cream social in Ava’s kindergarten class. The purpose of the "social" was to allow kids to show off stories they had written. Ava’s story was called "The Recess Surprise." Shortly after these pix were taken, I had to tell Ava our dog was gone.

parents playing Wii Boxing
Image by John Kannenberg

Cool Pet Food images

Cool Pet Food images

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Image by tbone_sandwich
Presque Isle River
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
Upper Peninsula Michigan USA
June 2007

old Kodak 200 film
Argus Focus Free {Pro Plan pet food] promotional camera
Walgreens processing

Pet food in times of crisis

Image by kouk
«Times are difficult, but a coffee a day costs more than giving your best friend Hill’s dogfood»

Cool Recipes images

Cool Recipes images

Some cool Recipes images:

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Trick MmMuffin recipe (04): Frying the tofu
Image by cizauskas
Trick MmMuffin

* Cut tofu into 3-inch circle. (I use a small wine-glass.) Cut tofu-circle lengthwise into 3 smaller discs.
* Coat tofu in dry seasoning mixture.
* Heat 3 tbsp oil on medium heat.
* Fry tofu discs for 2 minutes.
* Flip.
* Place small slices of ‘cheese’ on tofu and ‘sausage.’ Cover, and cook for 2 more minutes.

▶Finished Trick Mmm-Muffin on plate: here.
▶Full recipe: here.

Photo by Yours For Good
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