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Image from page 10 of “From death to life;” (1911)

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Identifier: fromdeathtolife00pros
Title: From death to life;
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Prosser, Anna W. [from old catalog]
Publisher: [n. p.]
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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ich I havebefore referred. Many of these had been marvellouslysaved from very sinful lives, and some of them still had avery rough exterior, but Gods great blessing was uponthem, and their devotion to Miss Prosser and gentlenessin her presence, was very marked. Wonderful times of sweet and holy fellowship in theLord were ours, and the tenderest love always remainedbetween us up to the time of her death, which occurred in1902. Meanwhile because of my marriage, and the re-moval of my work to California, I was not privileged tobe with her during her last illness and Home-going.While visiting the East about a year before her death, shetold me of a strange premonition which she had had thather work on earth was nearly finished. I praise God for my intimate acquaintance with thisprecious child of God, and it is a joy to anticipate a gladreunion with her in the Fathers Home above. Carrie Judd Montgomery (nee Carrie F. Judd, of Buffalo, N. Y.) Beulah Heights, California,October, 1911. viii I.

Text Appearing After Image:
MY CHILDHOODS HOME. N THE city of Albany, N. Y., Oct. 15th,1846, a tiny baby girl, weighing just four-and-a-half pounds, opened her eyes uponthis sinful, sorrowing world. So frail andpuny and flickering was this little life thather parents had scarcely any hope of everraising her. That frail little babe was thewriter. As far back as I can recollect, Iwas surrounded by the most tender and loving care in aluxurious home, with almost my slightest wish antici-pated. Being the youngest of four children and perhapsalso because of the feebleness mentioned, I was the ac-knowledged pet and idol of the family. Naturally of an exceedingly nervous and sensitive tem-perament, I trembled beneath even an unkind look, as theaeolian harp when stirred by the lightest breeze. If it hadnot been my lot to fall into such loving arms, evidently Ishould have sunk into an early grave. But, although sur-rounded by every comfort and enjoyment which wealthand indulgent parents could give, I can recall when notmo

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