Parenting Teenage Girls: Easy guide to connect with your daughter and prepare he (Teenage Girls Parenting, Parenting Teens, Parenting Teenagers, Parenting Teens With Love And Logic)

Parenting Teenage Girls: Easy guide to connect with your daughter and prepare he (Teenage Girls Parenting, Parenting Teens, Parenting Teenagers, Parenting Teens With Love And Logic)

Would you like to Connect with your daughter and learn how best to guide her through her life?

Do you ever feel worried your daughter just isn't ready for the outside world? Do you ever feel like she shuts you out and you don't know how to connect with her? Do you feel worried about talking to your daughter about sex and womanhood?

So many of us parents, don't know how to approach our daughters. We have our idea of what we think is best for them but when we try to tell them

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5 Ways to Prepare For a Child Custody Battle

5 Ways to Prepare For a Child Custody Battle

Are you really ready for your child custody battle? The process is quite intimidating and there are many factors to understand. This article will show you five simple ways to prepare yourself for any child custody battle.

1) Be sure to attend all school functions.

One of the most important factors in a child custody hearing is whether or not you are doing your parenting duties. A parent who frequently attends their child’s school activities is one that really cares. Keep in mind you can attend different things like school plays, pta meetings, bake sales, and whatever else they are offering. When other parents see you they can become credible witnesses. The interesting thing is that the mothers seem to stick together and look out for one another and the children as well. Parent teacher conferences can also work wonders.

2) Take your child to doctor and dentist appointments.

Professionals make the best witnesses to any court case. When you take your child to the doctor or dentist, there is an automatic record as proof. These work great in your favor because they show that you are in contact with your child and really care about their well being. The word of a professional is taken very seriously in a court of law.

3) Do not miss any church time.

As far as public places go, church is one of the best. I would highly recommend it if you were going strictly each Sunday anyways. My step brother is a minister and he explained to me that the church is a reflection of the community surrounding it. If you attend a local church then get more involved and include your child. You can even bring your child to Sunday school depending upon the religion you follow.

4) Gather witnesses who you can trust.

Witnesses can literally make or break your case in most instances. Before you call someone a trusted witness, you really need to talk to them and let them know what is going on. It is very hard to tell people about your child custody issues, but when you let them know it really opens up an avenue of trust. Another piece of advice is to not just call them out of the blue. Many people who are in these situations will talk to those around them such as professionals and school teachers.

5) Record all daily activities with your children.

This will be by far the most important step to preparing yourself to fight in court. The judge will actually take this information very seriously. A parent in a situation like this who takes down notes and lists trusted witnesses will have a better chance to win their case. Keep in mind that these notes need to be exact and you have the ability to prove them.

Overall you really need to prepare yourself for the actual child custody hearing. Try to imagine what the judge would think if you were not spending time with your children, or acting as a neglectful parent. Also think of how this will play upon the emotions of the child in question. Take your time and understand that all your actions are examined to determine whether or not you will win the case.

Child custody hearings can be rather intimidating to say the least. I have created a free resource to help you in your divorce legal issues. To examine free articles, e-books, and advice please visit the Child Custody Website today!

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Prepare Instant Meal with Simple Dinner Recipes

Prepare Instant Meal with Simple Dinner Recipes

by crd!

Preparing dinner in a pinch of time is always a difficult task. Some suggests that eating out all the time is a good way to get rid of preparing quick dinners but experts says otherwise. Eating out everyday not only affects your health but is also expensive. A healthy alternative to this is simple dinner recipes. These recipes are easy to prepare and less time consuming. It helps you in handling this situation and prepares delicious food quickly.

Dinner experts might not have to follow simple dinner recipes to prepare a simple dinner but for those who are not an expert feel themselves to be in trouble after all. Well the truth is you dont have to worry about this anymore. Now with the help of simple dinner recipes anyone can prepare delicious dinner easily and quickly.

First always checkout what your refrigerator holds before looking for other options. It might contain items using which you can prepare a simple dinner. For example, chicken or other meats are commonly available in our refrigerator. Just pick up a simple dinner recipe and prepare a simple dish containing chicken. This way you dont have to worry about paying a visit to the market and buying the items.

There are a number of options for you to prepare your dinner. For instance, one of the easiest and simple dinner recipes for your family is tacos. All you require is browning the meat (can be chicken, turkey or beef), ingredients for seasoning and toppings and your dinner is ready. You can also have a variety depending on eaters choice as to what will go on the taco such as cheese, salsa, beans, creams and many more.

Another simple option is to have a sandwich or burger night. All you require is meat, bread/buns, cheese and other items of your choice. Just throw in all of the items and make yourself a sandwich dinner night. One can also have soup of his or her own choice and a favorite salad along with it.

Sea food is also another option and simple dinner recipes for seafood can be found easily. All you need is to grab a pack of frozen seafood from the grocery store and simply cook it at your home. For example, a packet of shrimps with about 40 shrimps requires only 5-10 minutes cooking in a boiling pot of water. You can add it to a pasta dish or serve it with a sauce and your instant meal is ready.

A number of simple dinner recipes are available nowadays. One of these recipes is given below. Ingredients required are:

1. 2 T of butter

2. 2 C of mushrooms

3. 1 lb of chicken breasts (cut into strips)

4. Cream of chicken soup 1 can

5. Onion (medium, chopped) 1

6. 1 C of sour cream

7. Egg noodles 4 C.

Cook chicken in 1 T of butter while in the remaining butter cook vegetables. Then stir these vegetables in sour cream and the soup and heat it until boiling. Now add chicken and thoroughly heat it. Serve it with noodles and Italian bread or salads.

Now that you know that preparing delicious meals is actually easy, go and grab some of the simple dinner recipes Doug Schlette prepared for you at Bon appetit!

Parenting tips: 14 useful and realistic ways to prepare for your second baby

Parenting tips: 14 useful and realistic ways to prepare for your second baby
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Recipes: 20 Quick and Easy Ways to Prepare Delicious Healthy Vegetable Meals! Volume 1 (Vegetable Slow Cooker Recipes)

Recipes: 20 Quick and Easy Ways to Prepare Delicious Healthy Vegetable Meals! Volume 1 (Vegetable Slow Cooker Recipes)

Could you use some more great recipes and recipe ideas to help make your life a lot easier? Well first off one great helpful tip is that you can really bring out the flavor in vegetables by including them to slow cooker dishes. Vegetables help to pad out soups and sauces and they come out luscious, with a very rich flavor. Red onion are added to many different slowly food preparation recipes, as are shallots and leeks. Garlic is often combined with onions. Slow food preparation might increase t


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