These dogs are barking! (My feet hurt like 💩). Standing all day yesterday & kids party today. Feet up time! (Hilda pic not mine). #hildapinup #sorefeet #thesedogsarebarking #ouchie!

These dogs are barking! (My feet hurt like 💩). Standing all day yesterday & kids party today. Feet up time! (Hilda pic not mine). #hildapinup #sorefeet #thesedogsarebarking #ouchie!

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These dogs are barking! (My feet hurt like ?). Standing all day yesterday & kids party today. Feet up time! (Hilda pic not mine). #hildapinup #sorefeet #thesedogsarebarking #ouchie!

Image by Soozie Bea
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Image by yugenro
Kinich’s 6th Birthday, 2019

I live collard wraps and these look divine >> #Repost @kosherlikeme >>Collards make great wraps! Recipe on the blog today. Link in profile ⏫⏫⏫ TY @thestandjuice for #recipe and inspiration #vegan #vegetarian

I live collard wraps and these look divine >> #Repost @kosherlikeme >>Collards make great wraps! Recipe on the blog today. Link in profile ⏫⏫⏫ TY @thestandjuice for #recipe and inspiration #vegan #vegetarian

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I live collard wraps and these look divine >> #Repost @kosherlikeme >>Collards make great wraps! Recipe on the blog today. Link in profile ??? TY @thestandjuice for #recipe and inspiration #vegan #vegetarian
Image by Yosef Silver – This American Bite
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Blue Hawaii Recipe
Image by Justin Ornellas
Mokolii Island A.K.A. Chinaman’s Hat, Kualoa Point, Oahu

Lomo Supersampler

Fujifilm Superia 35mm 800 ISO

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Honey Recipes
Image by NatureNerd (probably outside)

MGM Maintenance Man: I’m ‘Incredibly Blessed’ I Escaped Las Vegas Shooting | TODAY

Stephen Schuck, a building engineer at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, was on the 32nd floor when the Las Vegas mass shooting began. He tells TODAY that he had been called to check on an exit door and was walking down the hallway when “I started to hear shots ring out” and a co-worker warned him to take cover: “I am incredibly blessed that somehow I came out of there alive.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this video was headlined incorrectly, stating that the shooter warned Stephen Schuck of the danger. In fact it was hotel security guard Jesus Campos who warned him. The headline has been changed. TODAY regrets the error.

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Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Warned Me ‘To Take Cover’: MGM Maintenance Man | TODAY

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (ZAMM), first published in 1974, is a work of philosophical non-fiction, the first of Robert M. Pirsig’s texts in which he explores his Metaphysics of Quality.
The book sold 5 million copies worldwide. It was originally rejected by 121 publishers, more than any other bestselling book, according to the Guinness Book of Records.
The title is an apparent play on the title of the book Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel. In its introduction, Pirsig explains that, despite its title, “it should in no way be associated with that great body of factual information relating to orthodox Zen Buddhist practice. It’s not very factual on motorcycles, either.”
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Creating a Learning Organisation Today is very Important!

Creating a Learning Organisation Today is very Important!


“Creating a Learning Organisation Today is very Important. It has to be in the DNA of the Organisation”, Says Mr. Rohan Lele – General Manager (HR Head) of Zydex Industries.
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Organise with me | Wardrobe  #2

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Amber teething necklaces we use for Violet:

Divided ECO plate we use with the kids:

Sling i use with Violet i have both colours:
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Strolled d park/streets today & captured Xmas activities_sheila video

Sheila video – Strolled at the park/streets today & captured variety of Xmas activities.Reinforced my love and excitement for the holidays

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Enjoy fun and educational Xmas activities on every page of the story!
Countdown until Xmas with the Christmas Countdown Clock.
Help Santa and his reindeer deliver holiday presents.
Tap the snowman to see all of his cool Xmas outfits!
Read to Me” will automatically read the story to you.
Auto Play” automatically reads the entire story to you.


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R.A. Grimes answers What is Wrong With the  Kids Today?

R.A. Grimes answers What is Wrong With the Kids Today?

R.A. Grimes answers What is Wrong With the  Kids Today?

our entitlement problem has many roots:

Indulgent parenting. our kids are more capable than we think. Why do we make their beds and pour their juice long after they could do it themselves? why do we give kids so many choices, from what’s for dinner to the station on the car radio. And why do we do so much trouble-shooting for them, which leaves them dependent as young adults?

the cellphone is the world’s longest umbilical cord. At her school, when students don’t like their grades, some come up after class, hand over their cellphones and say, “My mom wants to talk to you.”

entitled parents and kids suffer from DDD discipline deficit disorder with symptoms such as impatience and inflated expectations. We must counteract this culture of more, fast, easy and fun.

Some colleges are also combating young people’s sense of entitlement. At Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, Mary Burns teaches a course modeled after her book “Entitled to What? A Reality Check for the Generation Entering Corporate America.”

Consumer culture. TV shows such as MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” celebrate acquisitive lifestyles. Meanwhile, advertising fosters entitlement. Consider Burger King’s slogan “Have it your way.” this encourages rudeness and selfishness, leading people to become “unglued over minutiae,” such as burgers that arrive with unwanted pickles.

FedEx began as a service for packages that “absolutely, positively” have to get there overnight. The slogan helped cement the idea that everyone is entitled to instant gratification,

The self-esteem movement. In 1986, California created a state task force on self-esteem. Schools nationwide later adopted “everybody’s a winner” philosophies. One teacher told me that her superiors advised her to tell students that she liked their smiles, or the way they sat up straight, rather than focusing on, say, their failed spelling tests.

Yes, it’s important for kids to like themselves. But there must be some balance.

There are remedies, if adults are willing to model good behavior. remind children that “Self-esteem comes from the self doing something worthy of esteem.”

What’s The Difference Between Parenting Styles Today Compared To 40 Years Ago?

What’s The Difference Between Parenting Styles Today Compared To 40 Years Ago?

by bascha

When the question of “what are the different types of parenting styles?” is asked it’s not hard to think back to the work Diana Baumrind, a psychologist, did nearly 40 years ago.

Baumrind’s studies have been a catalyst for further research on parenting styles and in many cases, are just as relevant in today’s society as they were during the 1960’s. However, times have certainly changed since since then and children have different demands while parents have to cope with a technology-driven society.

Is it fair to say parents today are not allowed to be as hands on with their children as they were 40 years ago? Let’s face it, work pressures and demands, particularly in western culture dictate families must be two income producers, with both mom and dad required to produce income which in turn, has led to a substantial increase in the requirement of day care facilities especially for pre-school age children.

How many parents reading this article can confirm their child spent nearly as much time under the care of a guardian as they did with them simply because circumstance prevented them from parenting the child 24 hours a day. I know I can and that was back in the late 1980’s.

So what effect has this had on the child who has basically had to adjust to differing parenting styles before they started school? In my case, I found the time my child spent with my wife and I and the time he spent with his nanny actually worked wonders as it had a rapid and effective result on his early development. The style of parenting he received from his nanny ( let’s face it, for three years she was like a second mom ) actually reinforced our authoritative approach, as established by Baumrind, and we are now reaping the rewards of a well adjusted kid.

Authoritative Parenting

In essence, an authoritative parent allows their child a certain amount of freedom, encouraging independence but still maintaining high control. By combining the warmth factor as described by Baumrind, a parent is able to maintain high demands with responsive emotion and a great respect for a child’s autonomy.

Authoritarian Parenting

Parents who are too strict with their children run the risk of their child becoming reliant on authority. In other words, unable to make decisions for themselves for several reasons the most notable being because they may have a fear of doing so simply because they will be looking for approval.

Parenting is not an easy task and those who enter it thinking it is are kidding themselves. Parenting styles can go a lot deeper than just authoritative and authoritarian however, by keeping it relatively simple such as maintaining high control yet encouraging independence and autonomy makes good sense to this author.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. What’s it take to become a good parent? Learn the different parenting styles in this revealing report! Plus, read the latest parenting information along with news and reviews at:
The Easy Way to Start Organizing Your Home Today

The Easy Way to Start Organizing Your Home Today

Organizing your home does not need to be difficult. You just need to get started and take that first step. One of the first things that you need to know about organizing your home is that it is as much about getting rid of the clutter taking up space in your home as it is about organizing what you have. So lets move on to step one . . .

Step 1: What do you want this room to look like?

Define what you want this room to look like. This is critical because you can’t get to where you want to go unless you know what that “where” looks like. Answering the following questions will help get started in organizing your home. How do you want this room to function? How do you want to feel when you’re in it? What do you want to do in this room? What do you really want to use this room for? What is its primary purpose?

Make sure that the other people who share this space with you can agree on the answers to these questions. Organizing your home is a challenge that needs to involve everyone who shares the space. You all have to live in it so agree on what that should look like. This will mean compromise and really listening to the others in your home about the concerns they have about the space.

Step 2: Go through every item in the room.

Remember when I talked about getting rid of the clutter? This is where you do it. Because organizing your home is a big project, don’t feel like you need to do this all at once. Going through a drawer here and a shelf there is a great way to break down the project into more manageable pieces. But make sure that you do go through EVERY item in the room.

And there is only one of two ways the item can go: keep or get rid of. Be brutal here. Don’t keep things that you know you don’t want or use. Organizing your home means making sure that the things you have fit in the space you have. If it does not fit in the space you have, it needs to go.

Step 3: Make your vision a reality.

Here is where you put into action the vision of how you want the room to look that you created in step 1. Here is where organizing your home gets really fun. You get to create the perfect room. You get to make it look exactly how you want it to look.

This step involves making sure that what is left in the room are only the things that you really want in the room. Only leave in the room those items that contribute to your vision of how you want the room to look, feel like and function as. Organizing your home means that you have a place for everything. This is where you get to define that.

So the basics of your home organization project: Create a vision, go through every item in the room, and make your vision a reality. Those are the basics for organizing your home. Get more free home organization tips from a professional organizer at