Really Fun Travel Activity Book For 5-7 Year Olds: Fun & educational activity book for five to seven year old children

Really Fun Travel Activity Book For 5-7 Year Olds: Fun & educational activity book for five to seven year old children

Really Fun Travel Activity Book For 5-7 Year Olds
Fun & educational activity book for five to seven year old childrenWhether you have some downtime on holiday or need a boredom-beater for the car these carefully selected fun colouring images, mazes, facts & puzzles are perfect to keep kids entertained for hours.Ideal for both girls & boys each page is easy to follow, introducing suitably challenging activities for your child. From confidence boosting easy starters to tricky brain ticklers th

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Wipe-Clean Holiday Activities by Kirsteen Robson [Paperback]

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Understanding Travel Insurance For Sports And Hazardous Activities

Understanding Travel Insurance For Sports And Hazardous Activities

Would your travel insurance policy cover you if you fell off an elephant while on holiday in Phuket? Well, maybe – but there could be a reduction in the available benefits. However, if you were on a holiday which included trekking by camel or elephant you would not be covered because the activity would be classified as ‘non-incidental.’ Confused yet? The subject of travel insurance for ‘hazardous activities’ can be very complicated!

Many travel insurance policies automatically cover for ‘incidental’ activities. The term ‘incidental basis’ means that your participation in an activity is on a casual, fortuitous, occasional, or minor basis. In contrast, sports tours or activity holidays; for example, a week’s white water rafting on the Colorado River is considered non-incidental.

The term ‘hazardous activity’ for insurance purposes generally means any activity where it is recognized that there is an increased risk of injury or it can be reasonably expected to exacerbate an existing medical condition.

You should be covered to participate in an activity such as canoeing, hot air ballooning, camel riding, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, horse riding or snorkeling on a limited basis but not in excess, i.e. a planned adventure holiday where you would be participating in the activity on a daily basis.

For incidental activities which are considered more dangerous, such as abseiling or playing amateur rugby, claims resulting from these activities could mean a reduction in the amount of personal accident benefit and an increase in the ‘excess’ for medical expenses.

Another group might include activities considered dangerous which you would participate in on a regular basis, i.e. ‘non-incidental.’ Claims relating to these activities are also likely to be subject to a reduction in the amount of personal accident cover and an increase in the excess for medical expenses. These activities might include cycling (touring), pony trekking, safaris, and sailing holidays.

Sports, which include racing of any type (except on foot), would usually have to be approved in advance. The same would apply to activities such as: mountaineering (while using ropes), potholing, hang-gliding, caving, micro-lighting, motor racing, and parachuting (other than a solo or tandem jump) in excess of one jump and bungee jumping (in excess of one jump). Motorcycling may be covered provided an additional premium is paid, but is often subject to restrictions such as riding your own motorcycle up to a certain engine size, and not including any type of racing. Your travel insurance policy will not cover for professional sporting activities and you cannot work (paid or unpaid) as a guide or instructor to others.

Most travel insurance policies will contain a clause in their General Exclusions section regarding ‘willful exposure to danger or peril’ (unless in an attempt to save human life). The onus is on you to exercise reasonable care to prevent illness, injury, or loss or damage to your property. In other words – you should always act as if you are not insured and not tempt fate!

When it comes to winter sports, you do not normally have automatic coverage with your travel insurance policy and will need to pay an additional premium. Most winter sports policies do not cover for anything other than normal skiing and boarding activities. Dangerous activities such as ski jumping, heli-skiing, ski acrobatics, freestyle skiing, ski racing or training, ice hockey, and bobsledding would be excluded unless pre-approved. Exclusions would also apply to offpiste skiing in areas designated as unsafe by the resort management.

Travel insurance policies can vary a lot so if you should be offered free insurance or ludicrously cheap insurance it would be wise to check and see what it actually covers! You may find, for instance, that there will be no liability cover under certain circumstances or for certain activities. You may be covered for some potentially hazardous activities – but only if you remain within certain limited guidelines for that activity.

It is up to the underwriter whether they decide to provide cover for any unusual type of risk. You would need to contact the travel insurance company in advance to discuss any potentially hazardous activities. In some cases, you may be able to obtain cover, but only after payment of an additional premium or an amendment to the policy. If in doubt – always ask first. It will be difficult, it not impossible, to find a company which will add cover for a hazardous activity to your policy once you are on holiday. If you should find yourself in this position, it would be wise to avoid the activity – or attempt to purchase insurance where you are.

Are you less confused now? Imagine you are on holiday in Egypt. You decide to go on a camel ride. You fall off and break your leg. Would your travel insurance cover you? Depending on your particular policy, the insurance should cover you – because your participation in the activity was on an incidental basis!

Jean Andrews is a freelance writer living in the UK. She regularly contributes articles for TIA Ltd who offer travel insurance at great prices online.
Make Christmas Travel Easier For Kids

Make Christmas Travel Easier For Kids

Many families travel for Christmas. While traveling for Christmas can be a wonderful experience to see loved ones near or far away – the actual experience of travel can sometimes be very frustrating. Kids especially find travel stressful and challenging. Fortunately, there are ways you can make Christmas travel easier for kids.

Bring along some activities for your kids. You may be very focused on catching a connecting flight or carrying your luggage, but keeping your kids occupied should be just as important. This is not simply for your kids’ sake but also for the other passengers. Remember that kids who are not happy may fuss, whimper or cry. You don’t want your kids to disturb other passengers. This experience alone will make travel more difficult for your kids as they feel even more stress, being around adults who are unhappy with their behavior.

Involve your kids in parts of the travel experience. Get out a map and show them where the family is going. Talk about how many miles you are traveling. Read storybooks about planes or trains before you travel. Read storybooks about the town, city or state before you go. Let your kids help pack their suitcases and even shop for Christmas gifts for family. They will get more excited about the holiday travel and will feel like a part of this experience.

It’s okay to offer a reward for good behavior. Giving your kids an incentive for behaving well on the plane or train is appropriate, as long as your expectations are not unrealistic. Most small kids will get restless during some part of your trip – no matter what you do. Siblings may argue.

You know your kids better than anyone else. Choose a reward such as a fun activity for the next day or a special treat when you land. The kids will look forward to this and it can help remind them to behave well – that they will receive something they look forward to.

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REAL CLEVER IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS – Hints and Tips to Save You Time and Money: (Cleaning Tips, Cooking on a Budget, Travel Hacks and Other Money Saving Tips)

REAL CLEVER IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS - Hints and Tips to Save You Time and Money: (Cleaning Tips, Cooking on a Budget, Travel Hacks and Other Money Saving Tips)

Are you exhausted by the great deal of effort and money required to take care of your home, car, and everything else in your busy life? Are you looking for hints and tips for making your home and life run a little smoother? This book is full of clever ideas, solutions, and inspiration to help you do just that.

In Real Clever Ideas and Solutions you will find more than 100 simple yet effective tips and ideas for every aspect of your life, including household hints, cooking tips and tr


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Travelling to Thailand – 4 Tips For a Convenient Travel

Travelling to Thailand – 4 Tips For a Convenient Travel

Thailand is a popular tourist destination nowadays. It has caught up with other countries in terms of fame already. This means that just as you are thinking of traveling to Thailand, there are also hundreds of other people planning a trip to the place. Once again, this means that it could be a hassle for you to find a comfortable accommodation or flight if you don’t act earlier.

With this, if you are really decided that Thailand would be your next travel destination, make sure you abide by the following tips for a convenient travel to Thailand.

1. Plan your activities ahead. This refers to thinking about your main reason why you want to go there. If you want to ride an elephant, plan ahead. What are the activities you want to do in Thailand? What are the places you want to go to? Planning ahead is convenient because this allows you to avoid the hassle of planning and thinking where to go and what to do when you are already there. It could be time consuming when you have not yet planned what you want to do and the place where you want to go in Thailand. Plus, planning your activities ahead can also help you book a tour if you want. How are you going to plan your activities earlier? Simple; you just need to create or write it down on a piece of paper. Include time and day schedule on the list. Ask the tour company what places are included in their tours for tourists in Thailand. If all the places on your list are mentioned by the travel agency, you can simply book a tour. But if you want to travel with friends and explore Thailand on your own, it helps when you plan your activities and set your schedule as early as possible.

2. Plan your budget. When it comes to travel, you always want to make it a point that you can save money. After all, travel does not have to be expensive. It does not have to slice a hefty part of your budget. You can always avoid budget surprises by planning your budget well. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend for a trip to Thailand. Are you on a tight budget? Or is money not a problem? Once you have planned your budget, you can now create or plan your activities in Thailand within the budget range. Choose only the activities that fit into your budget. But even if you have done this, it is still best to have extra money with you just in case unplanned circumstances occur. Planning your budget is highly advantageous because it could help you save a lot of bucks traveling to Thailand. It can also help you create a budget-friendly plan and schedule. It also allows you to know what your limits are and be wary of your budget. Taking extra money with you just in case, also helps you in case of emergencies and unexpected expenses.

3. Book your flight early. Some people make the terrible mistake of booking their flights late. It is good if you have a lot of cash to pay for on-the-spot trips especially when traveling to Thailand. But if you are on a tight budget and you really want to save in your travel to Thailand, it is a must to book your flight earlier than possible. There are already a lot of airline promos and flight discounts you can avail nowadays but they are usually offered weeks and even months before the flight. However, this promos and discounts are your best options if you want a budget-friendly travel to Thailand. Be updated with airline promos and packages. If possible, subscribe to the airline’s mailing list so that whenever there is a new flight promo to Thailand, you will receive an email from them. This way, you will never be outdated and you will be first to book your flight. This will not only save you a lot of money, but this will also save you the hassle and disappointment of running out of seats for the promo flight. Indeed, when you travel, money should be no object and you should really prepare for that, but getting a discount for a flight is even better. You just need to really prepare for that by booking your flight earlier.

4. Book your hotel reservations early. Your flight is not the only thing that matters when traveling to Thailand. Remember, after you arrive from the airport, the next destination is your hotel. Now, if you have not yet booked a hotel reservation, you will have the hassle of exploring Thailand and finding a hotel to stay. You can do this exploring thing but this gives you higher chances of finding an expensive hotel. Whereas, if you book your hotel reservation earlier, you can save time and effort looking for a place to stay and you can also save a lot because early hotel reservations are usually discounted like flights. So; before the trip to Thailand, research ahead as to what the best hotels to stay in Thailand are. Find a convenient hotel near the airport.

Then, you can book your hotel reservations online. Just as you can book your flight online; book your accommodations as well. It won’t not only save you time, money and effort, but it will also give you higher chances of choosing or selecting the best hotel accommodation there is. In other words, you won’t be forced to choose a hotel just because you have no other options.

Traveling to Thailand can indeed relieve you from the stress of everyday life. However, the trip can also be stressful and inconvenient. It could be a hassle and could frustrate you too. But, you can totally avoid the stress of travel and you can make sure that you will have a convenient travel to Thailand if you follow the above mentioned tips when traveling to Thailand.

Don’t let stress hinder you to enjoy. And, there is no other way to beat stress when traveling than to be prepared with everything you need before your most awaited travel date.

This article was created by Nichanan R. Need more detail for Thailand tour or Hotel detail come and visit at

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Travelling With Friends – Are You Travel Compatible?

Travelling With Friends – Are You Travel Compatible?

Going away with friends or your partner can be stressful at the best of times, but you could be heading for trouble if you’re not travel compatible.

Ten million British holiday-makers have lost a good friendship because of not testing their holiday compatibility before setting off on a week or two week break together, according to a new report published by hotel chain Travelodge.

The poll of 3,400 adults reveals that 55 per cent of Brits holidaying with friends have two serious arguments during their stay and an unlucky seven per cent have even returned home within the first few days.

The most common causes of conflict are personality clashes, differing likes and dislikes concerning food and activities, annoying personal habits, money and holiday romances or jealousy.

Anjula Mutanda, Psychologist and Life Coach says:

“It’s a very common issue – friendships breaking up on holiday. The idea of going away with someone you know and trust sounds good in theory but it’s so easy for it to go wrong. Never underestimate just because you’re good friends, going away together for a one or two weeks break will be easy. It’s a big risk holidaying with someone for the first time; this is when you will discover what they are really like.

I would suggest, before committing to a friend’s holiday, first go for a trial run such as a weekend break to access your compatibility. This will be beneficial for both parties and will not just save you money and heartache but most importantly your friendship.”

Once you’ve tested the water with a weekend away it’s a good idea to discuss the following travel considerations before booking a longer break, and then you’ll have done all you can to ensure you’re a good match.

What is your budget? Do you both (or all) have the same amount of cash? What will be your priorities on spending? Would you like to contribute to a kitty or be responsible for all your own spends?

Do you prefer organised tours or would you rather wander round absorbing the atmosphere and discovering places for yourself? Maybe you just want to sunbathe or drink heavily instead.

Do you have any special needs, dietary requirements or personal preferences that will affect your travel companions?

If planning a trip with friends, are you currently in a relationship or having personal problems? What impact could this have on your behaviour and mood during your stay? Are you planning on a lot of bedroom action? If you’re travelling with your partner, is it a particularly stressful time or do you have any disputes that are likely to flare up while away?

How many of you are planning to travel together? Be aware of the jealousies, annoyances and conflicts that are often present in a small group of friends.

It is a good idea to agree on a strategy if things don’t go smoothly. If you’re travelling around the world, would you be happy to split and continue on your own?

When planning a longer trip with friends it’s helpful to agree that you will let each other know if something is bugging you. Conversely, you should agree to show some consideration to your travel mates and try to approach things with humour and flexibility. You can probably put up with some dodgy music but not an ever-growing pile of dirty underwear on the floor.

Paul Anstey, Travelodge Operations Director remarks:

“Around 60 per cent of our customers stay for leisure. A large proportion of these consumers are friends who are travelling or holidaying together. Our findings illustrate you can know someone for many years but it’s only when you share a room together for the first time, that you really get to know that person. This experience can be true test of a friendship.”

When you’re travelling, whether it’s for two weeks or ten months, at some point you will experience tiredness, boredom and unfamiliar situations. You will need to speak to strangers, deal with new currencies and make quick decisions. Sometimes all you’ll want is your own sofa and a nice cup of tea.

At these times you’ll need to feel comfortable enough with your travel companion to have a moan, sit in silence or go for a walk on your own without it causing an argument. If you’ve checked that you’re travel compatible then you’ll hopefully have a happy holiday and you should be able to cope with whatever the world throws at you.

they want to be on their own a lot of times…..and that’s the best time when they try fail…and try again.
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