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Holiday Activities by Various.
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End Date: Monday Jul-13-2020 21:22:23 EST
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Adventivity: A Countdown to Christmas with 25 Holiday Activities.
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End Date: Saturday Jul-11-2020 21:03:34 EST
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Spinach Alfredo Pinwheels Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen

Spinach Alfredo Pinwheels Video Recipe | Bhavna’s Kitchen


If you would like to start with homemade Crescent dough, watch my video or else just use pillsbury crescent roll dough.
Prepared Spinach Alfredo roll can be refrigerated up to 4 days and just cut & bake anytime you are ready to serve.
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The Carnivore Diet aka Zero Carb Diet - Day 5 Vlog | Headbanger's Kitchen

My carnivore diet or zero carb diet vlog – day 5. It was a super productive day, added some more recipes to and got some vocal recording and video shooting done for my new album.

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All Time Low: Dirty Laundry [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

All Time Low’s music video for ‘Dirty Laundry’ from the album Last Young Renegade – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Get it now at

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Directed by PTracy


I don’t believe in saints,
They never make mistakes,
I know it’s not my place,
Who am I to tell you that you need to change?

Her closet’s such a mess
Filled up with all the skeletons she’s kept,
Nobody’s perfect I confess,
But she’s perfect enough
Without ever dressing up,

Dirty laundry is piling in her room
She’s got her secrets
Yea I got mine too
I don’t care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry looks good on you

Now here’s some honesty
Sometimes I trip over your history
Wish I could change my mind
But it’s the things I shouldn’t see
That always catch my eye,

Dirty laundry is piling in her room
She’s got her secrets
Yea I got mine too
I don’t care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry looks good on you

Dirty laundry is piling in her room
She’s got her secrets
Yea I got mine too
I don’t care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry (looks good on you)
Dirty laundry (looks good on you)
Dirty laundry (looks good on you)

It looks good on you

Strolled d park/streets today & captured Xmas activities_sheila video

Sheila video – Strolled at the park/streets today & captured variety of Xmas activities.Reinforced my love and excitement for the holidays

The MOST Popular, MOST Downloaded Interactive Christmas Storybook, with OVER 1.3 million downloads!
Voted the VERY BEST Multimedia Book for Christmas, WORLDWIDE!
A Spectacular Reading Experience for Christmas & the Holiday Season! Fun for the Whole Family!
The Christmas Tale is back and better than EVER! Bring the joy of Christmas and the festivities of the holiday season together in this magnificent interactive story. Packed with gorgeous graphics and sound effects, young kids will experience Santa, the elves and the excitement of the Xmas holiday through a beautifully written story combined with engaging activities both children and their parents will love!
Enjoy fun and educational Xmas activities on every page of the story!
Countdown until Xmas with the Christmas Countdown Clock.
Help Santa and his reindeer deliver holiday presents.
Tap the snowman to see all of his cool Xmas outfits!
Read to Me” will automatically read the story to you.
Auto Play” automatically reads the entire story to you.


➔ Welcome to my channel Kids Zone
This Channel contains all the favorite characters, such as Baby Hazel, Dora The Explorer, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig and Team umizoomi, Paw-Patrol, Frozen Princesses, Spongebob Squarepants, Bubble Guppies and many many more!
Click and watch the fantastic game videos and start your child on learning colors, numbers, animals and much more!
New, fun games and movies are oploaded almost every day on this channel, as we try to provide quality content for your kids, with educational tools and practical skills.
Our videos are an opportunity for learning for your baby, toddler or older kids. Please enjoy one of the most interesting game videos for children on Youtube !
We hope you enjoy our videos, learn and have fun 🙂
Please check out our channel for more videos.
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Learn What Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is in this Overview Video — In this video Mike Wroblewski of Gemba Consulting and the Kaizen Institute offers an overview of what Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is all about. To learn more about this full TPM full course, as well as the other 230+ lean manufacturing training videos available for immediate viewing online or on DVD, please visit
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Home Cleaning Business Training Video | Bath cleaning

Starting a House Cleaning Business just got easier! … We provide all of your training wit videos and support while still allowing you the flexibility to build your business


Baths are generally the easiest to teach cleaning processes in. Most bathrooms are designed similarly requiring few adjustments to the basic rules and processes. Bathrooms do not normally have expensive pictures and knick knacks so the breakage and damage factor is small. They are very easy to check for quality. For this reason, if your company works on teams new cleaners are normally started in the bathrooms. Bathrooms, however, are very hard work and very physically demanding. If your company utilizes men to clean they often make fabulous bathroom cleaners because of their increased strength over that of women. As in all areas of cleaning, always look at who is the best person for the job.
Develop a process for cleaning bathrooms or adopt one that has been formulated by others. The bathroom process will require three trips around a room. The first trip is for long dusting, the second is for scrubbing the areas that require a scrubby and some type of detergent (comet, Bartender’s Friend, Bon Ami, etc.) and the third trip is for wiping and shining (allowing the shower to dry naturally a bit by not drying and shining it on the second trip will save a lot of time and rags). An apron must be utilized by the bathroom person to insure the highest level of efficiency and quality. Develop a specific set of rules to be followed by the bathroom cleaner. Be sure that the bathroom cleaner understands the rules and processes before they enter the client’s home.
Develop a process and specific rules that relate only to the bathroom area and teach the process and the rules to your bathroom cleaner. Some basic rules for cleaning bathrooms are:
• Check the baths for excessive hair and vacuum out if bath is dry
• Remove trash and rugs and set outside of door
• Take three trips around the room to clean
• Always work from top to bottom and left to right around the bathroom
• Do not rinse an area until you are finished cleaning it
• Always contact the office if you break or damage anything in the client’s home
• Always put your cleaning tools back where you found them immediately after using them
• Put client’s items back exactly as you found them
• Use the appropriate tool or product
• Make sure what you are doing is making your company money
• Use both hands
• Don’t waste time re-shining an area that is already clean
• Be aware of your time
Have the bathroom cleaner watch a professional who is fast, efficient and quality driven perform the bathroom duties or have the cleaner watch a training video. Most of our cleaners are visual learners. Try not to have them watch a cleaner in a client’s home if you want the client to be left with a remarkable experience.
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Top 5 Tasty Recipes Video | Best Foods And Cakes From Tastemade Facebook Page #147

Top 5 Tasty Recipes Video | Best Foods And Cakes From Tastemade Facebook Page #147

Top 5 Tasty Recipes Video | Best Foods And Cakes From Tastemade Facebook Page #147

This is new video from my channel that show you how to make Chocolate Covered Matcha Crepe Cakes, Bubblegum Cupcakes, Full Moon Shepherd’s Pie,
Rainbow Mac & Cheese, Dr Pepper Glazed Ham Sandwich. I hope like it.

Full Recipes:
-Video1- (Chocolate Covered Matcha Crepe Cakes)
-Video2- (Bubblegum Cupcakes)
-Video3- (Full Moon Shepherd’s Pie)
-Video4- (Rainbow Mac & Cheese)
-Video5- (Dr Pepper Glazed Ham Sandwich)

5 lb fully cooked, smoked ham
1 can Dr Pepper
1 cup brown sugar
¼ cup orange juice
? cup Dijon mustard
Loaf of pre-sliced sourdough
Whole grain mustard
Swiss cheese slices

1. Preheat oven to 325°F.
2. Make shallow cuts in a diamond pattern all over the ham.
3. Combine soda, brown sugar, orange juice and mustard in a small saucepan over medium heat until slightly thickened.
4. Pour glaze mix over the ham. Cover with heavy duty aluminum foil. Bake for 1 ½ hours.
5. Uncover and baste. Bake for another 30 minutes.
6. Let ham rest for 15 minutes then cut into thin slices.
7. Butter one slice of bread, and place butter side down on hot pan. Spread mayo and mustard on top. Layer cheese and ham. Place other slice of bread on top and butter. Cook 3 minutes per side.

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Video #6 Coffee cupboard, storing tablecloths and cleaning etc.

I’m back with another kitchen video. I organize a little coffee cupboard, move my tablecloths and clean the windows…enjoy.
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Tanya Richards
PO Box 96

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Airing Cupboard! Free party, last sunday of every month – Lockside Lounge, Camden 4pm – 1am